Important Notice: 

Friday, June 14th: Our Bloomfield, NJ center will close at 10:30am due to environmental issues. We will reopen Monday, June 17th at 8:00am. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Eligibility requirements

All blood types are welcome, but there are rules every donor must follow to ensure both quality and safety.

All individuals must pass a medical examination and our screening process before donating plasma with B Positive. After two qualified donations, their donated plasma can be used to manufacture lifesaving plasma protein therapies.

Plasma donors must be at least 18 years of age and up to 65 years old. Upon a donor’s 66th birthday they will become ineligible to donate plasma with B Positive due to regulatory rules that we are required to follow.

For the safety and well-being of our donors, we ask that our plasma donors weigh at least 110 pounds and not exceed 400 pounds.

Again, for safety reasons we require that plasma donors live within a 50-mile radius of their chosen B Positive Plasma center before they can become eligible to donate.

As listed in the section below, all new donors are required to provide proof of identity with an unexpired photo ID, proof of Social Security Number, and proof of current address.

For additional information on what to expect as a first-time donor, visit our FAQs page.

First-time donor reminders

Don’t forget that you need to arrive at your appointment with the right documentation. Here’s what you need in order to be prepared:

to ID does not state your date of birth, you must provide an official document that can verify that date, such as a copy of your birth certificate. If you're a student, you can bring a school ID with proof of date of birth. Note: We cannot accept copies of your photo ID!

Bring your social security card (we can accept a copy), W-2 or similar tax form, or pay stub. Your full social security number must be displayed, and your name on this document must match the name on your photo ID exactly (e.g., if your photo ID has a “Jr.”, your proof of SSN must also have a “Jr.”).

If your driver's license or photo ID is current and lists your address – that works! If not, you will need to bring a recent proof of address with your full name and address displayed. Some examples include a mortgage statement, lease, or government-issued document/correspondence dated within the last 90 days, or a utility bill, personal bill (like medical or mobile phone), or any piece of post-marked mail dated within the last 60 days. Electronic copies of most proofs of addresses are acceptable, with the exception of your Photo ID or personal mail, both of which must be the original document or ID.

We cannot accept copies of photo ID - see the FAQs for full details.

What to know before your donation

Here are 5 tips to making sure that your first donation is a success:

Drink 8-10 glasses of water the day before your donation. Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine prior to your donation, as they can be dehydrating.

Steer clear of fried or fatty foods and instead opt for well-balanced meals that are high in protein and iron ahead of your donation appointment. If excessive fat is detected in your plasma donation, you will not be compensated for your donation.

Of course, it’s always best to avoid tobacco products, but if you are a smoker, we ask that you refrain from smoking for 30 minutes before and after your donation appointment.

For the health and safety of both our donors and our employees, we ask that donors who are feeling under the weather simply reschedule their appointment. We require all donors to be feeling healthy in order to donate.

A good night’s rest is an essential component to the donation process. While we encourage all of our donors to relax while they are getting their plasma drawn, we need everyone to remain awake and alert during their donation.

What to expect for your first donation

The first appointment will be a bit longer than return appointments for qualified donors due to the required extra medical screening. Set aside at least 2.5 hours to complete your first donation, as we have a very thorough process for each first-time donor.

Someone from our center will greet you at the reception desk and help you get started with the initial intake process.

We will check to make sure that you brought the required documents you need to have on file for your first donation (Photo ID, SSN, proof of address).

A trained B Positive team member will check your vital signs and take a small blood sample to screen for your protein and hematocrit (iron) levels.

One of our certified medical professionals will ask you questions about your medical history and conduct a physical exam in a private room.

One of our highly trained phlebotomists (a medical professional trained to draw blood) will guide you to a sanitized donor bed on our donor floor to start your donation. We provide free wifi, so feel free to bring a laptop or tablet as long as you can operate it with one hand.

Payment Details

All payments are made on a reloadable prepaid Visa debit card. This card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. It can be used as credit, debit, for cash-back, and at ATMs.

U.S. FDA regulations limit the amount of times you can donate in a 30-day period. You can donate two times in a 7-day period, which amounts to between 8 to 10 times per month for maximum earning potential.

Donors can refer their friends to earn more rewards each month. Each referred donor must donate twice, and the referring Donor must complete another donation before a referral bonus can be paid on the referring donor’s B Positive Plasma Visa Reloadable Debit Card.