Repeat Donor Rewards

As a repeat donor, you are eligible to earn the compensation above based on your weight and donation volume. Complete donations must be within 5 mL of expected volume based on the donor's weight.  Incomplete donations are paid on a sliding scale.

Donate up to 2 times in a 7 day period with at least 1 day between your two donations. 

NEW! Bonus Weeks: Earn a $30 bonus when you complete 2 donations in Bonus Weeks 1 & 2

Saturday is now the first day of the bonus week and Friday is now the last. That means you must donate twice each week by Friday to earn the $30 bonus. Bonus weeks do not impact your donation schedule or your monthly bonus.  A $30 bonus is applied automatically to the compensation for your second complete donation between Saturday and Friday during Weeks 1 & 2. Please take note of the dates below, as the weeks begin in the middle of the month of September!    

Bonus Week 1: Saturday, September 18 – Friday, September 24
Bonus Week 2: Saturday, September 25 – Friday, October 1

Subject to eligibility requirements. 


To earn a $100 referral bonus, first-time donors must complete 2 donations within 30 days AND must list the full name of their referring donor when they schedule their first donation online. Subject to eligibility requirements. 

To earn referrals: You must be a qualified donor with at least two donations.  Referrals will be paid to your B Positive Visa loyalty card within 3 business days (Monday - Friday).

Subject to eligibility requirements.